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I’ve been thinking lately about all the different stages you guys are at in the gym and how we can continue to hold space for each of you no matter where you are in this pursuit.  We have some who have been doing this for 8 years, some for 5 or 6, some for 2 or 3 and some for just weeks or months. With this comes all different kinds of perspectives and changes and challenges.

There were a few articles years back I remember reading about the life cycle or stages of a CrossFitter.  I went looking for them this week because honestly, I’ve been doing this CrossFit thing personally for over 8 years and my drive to hit goals and PRs is not what it use to be.  Sometimes I get in my head about all the things I can’t do well or at all still.  I tend to not be too goal oriented anyway, but it’s been non-existent this past year or so and I’m coasting.  Part of it, I know, is just life.  It’s kinda wild right now and we’re doing alright, but it doesn’t leave me much brain space to care about my own progress.  I know the pushes I have made years ago have given me the foundational base of fitness that I enjoy today.  Those times that I worked really hard towards a particular skill or goal, allow me to maintain a level of fitness that I appreciate immensely today.  I know there will be another stage of my life that I can focus more on my fitness pursuits, but I can still enjoy and appreciate this stage and what it can teach me.  I hope you can appreciate the stage you’re in as well!

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I wondered if reading about these stages and understanding them would be helpful to you too.  It certainly helps me to have perspective and a good reminder that this is a life long pursuit and we are all working through different stages!  As we continue to grow together, it’s a great reminder to appreciate each person as they move through these stages, as well!
So I went looking and found either the one I read or one that was similar to what I remember on Invictus’s blog.  They articulated each stage I have experienced and/or have seen that I didn’t see the need to rewrite it.


So what stage are you in?  Did you identify with parts of a few of these stages?  Is there another stage that isn’t mentioned that you think you’re in?  Let me know.  It’s a good conversation to have!