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Clear the next 10-15 min…This one is a long one! 🙂
If you haven’t read our previous post about what the Open is, go back and do that first here.

This will all make more sense if you have an idea of what that we’re talking about when we say “Open.”

We’re doing things a little differently this year compared to past years.  If this is your first year with us during this time, you won’t know any different! If you’ve been with us awhile, we hope you’ll like the fun additions!  Our goal here is to be broad and INCLUSIVE! Much like the CrossFit Open is meant to be 😉

Within our walls, we have individuals who HATE competition and those who LOVE competition.  We have some who have a huge bucket of skills and experience to draw from and we have those who are just starting down their path of skill acquisition.  We have some who will not want any part of working out in front of a large group of people and some who will live for it each week.  All that and everything in between.
What we want is a seat at the table for the whole range of individuals that we are lucky enough to work with each week!

So, here are the rules/guidelines/details for the 5 weeks of fun!

The CrossFit Open starts Feb. 21 and goes through March 26th.
The Open Intramural 2019 kicks off tomorrow night as DRAFT night!  Your captains this year are your coaches (minus Mariah who has softball starting soon so will be uber busy!) so we will have 6 teams.  Team names and shenanigans will be up to each team to decide!
Tomorrow evening we are getting together and teams will be decided. We are each drafting 2 individuals and then the remaining teammates will be selected randomly!  All members who are on a current monthly membership plan will be included!  We know this is new and possibly daunting for those unfamiliar to this type of thing, but we just encourage you to jump in and enjoy yourself!  We know you can do things that require some gumption…You walked in our doors once upon a time, right? 🙂
Once teams are set, you will be added to a team Facebook page to organize yourselves because…each week has A THEME and there are SPIRIT POINTS up for grabs!

Week 1: Get your WESTERN on!
Week 2: 80s DANCE PARTY
Week 3: March MADNESS( ROCK CHALK!!) 
Week 4: Luck of the IRISH/ST. PATTY’S
Week 5: USA, USA, USA!

Workouts get posted by CrossFit on Thursday night and we will have until Mondays at 7:00 pm to complete the workout.
We will have a FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS event each week.
What you can expect: There will not be regular classes held on Friday evenings.  Other classes throughout the day will be held and the Open workout will be the Workout of the Day each Friday.  You are welcome to do the workout during those class times and then just come and enjoy yourself Friday night!    Doors will open at 4:30pm and we generally start heats around 5:00.  A heat schedule based on the workout that CrossFit announced the previous night will be on the whiteboard each week for you to sign up on when you enter.  During the evening, people will be working out constantly.  Every Open workout requires a judges to count your reps and make sure you meet the standards set by CrossFit.  This is nothing to be worried about as the standards are what we talk about and work for every day.  There are 2 options (RX and Scaled) for workouts available.  Pick the one that works best for you!  We want you to push yourself to try new things, but also want you to get a good workout!  So, if you start a workout RX and get stuck on a particular movement, the reps you received RX will “count” and you can continue the workout as you would scale any other workout.  If you need help deciding, discuss with your captain and they will help you!
Open workouts can also be done during open gym times and during Sunday open gym times that we have during these 5 weeks. A judge is still required these days, as well.
Some may not be able to attend these times or some may wish to redo the workout to get a better score.  In general, the vast majority of athletes do not need to be doing the workouts multiple times.  These are generally people who are registered for the worldwide Open and striving for a particular score or placing.  For this reason, our guidelines this year for re-dos is that on Mondays there will be 2 options for workouts.  One will be the Open workout again and another regular Monday workout.  The only thing we ask is that for those who are going to re-do or do the Open workout on Monday that you are responsible for securing a judge.  Contact your captain if you need help with this!

POINTS: these are awarded weekly and the cumulative score over 5 weeks will be used to crown the Mac-Town CrossFit Intramural Champs!
1 point.  Do the workout, get a point.  Easy!
Compete: 1-5 points awarded to the top 5 men and women in RX and Scaled divisions:  5 for 1st, 4 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd and so on.
Bring the SPIRIT:  5 points.  Each week everyone will get one vote for the team that brought the HEAT.  Dressed the theme the best, cheered the loudest for everyone, and all around went for it!  The only catch is you’re not allowed to vote for your own team… 🙂
Inspire: 3 points.  Each week your captain will nominate one person from your team for a performance that inspired!  You will vote each Monday for the one who inspired you!  Maybe they got their first rep of a long worked for movement.  Maybe they left every bit on the floor that night.  Maybe they had a brutal week and found the motivation to come in and work hard.  Maybe this whole thing gives them major anxiety and they overcame it and did that workout in front of everyone!  You’re welcome to nominate to your captain anyone who inspired you!

Well, I think that’s it!!  Holler if you have any questions or need more clarification! Be looking this week for an invite to your team page!  Have fun!